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The safe choice of building since 1962

Gherardi. Shoring systems, standard props, high-capacity props, props in accordance with EN1065, modular scaffolding for every construction site need.

We build trust

Construction cannot ignore quality, right from the equipment. Some of the major international manufacturers choose Gherardi props and scaffolding for certified safety, flexibility of solutions, professionalism in order management which translates into punctuality and convenience.




Props for demanding builders

Shoring systems, complete with every solution, offer the highest international standard for construction sites of all sizes. The industrial capacity of Gherardi can respond to any production request.


Prefabricated scaffolding to be immediately productive

A profound connoisseur of the world of construction, Gherardi has created a modular scaffolding system that is easy to assemble and capable of facing the most daring architectures with maximum safety.


OEM production. The real "made to measure"

We have always made custom-made supplies for customers all over the world, offering exclusive features and respecting the regulations of the different countries of intended use.

Tropical Leaves

In prima fila nell'industria green

Gherardi è impegnata costantemente nella revisione dei processi per rendere sempre più sostenibile la sua produzione industriale.

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